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Logistics, Efficiencies in Enterprise, Industry & Manufacturing, Entertainment, Retail, Publishing
Address & Welcome: Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot
<a data-target="#myDiv3" data-toggle="collapse">Innovations with Augmented Reality
Our panel discuss innovations in AR that improve efficiencies across the enterprise through industrial operations, employee engagement and marketing communications.

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot


Barry Po, Senior Director, Product and Business Development, Ngrain

Jean-Francois Chianetta, Co-Founder & CEO, Augment

Manish Sirdeshmukh, Senior Director, Product Management, Vuforia

Nima Shams, VP of Head-worn, ODG

<a data-target="#myDiv4" data-toggle="collapse">Smart Eyewear
Vuzix Corporation, a leading protagonist in augmented reality eyewear present their smart glasses

Lance Anderson, VP Enterprise Sales, Vuzix Corporation

<a data-target="#myDiv06" data-toggle="collapse">Women in AR/VR
Our panel discuss increasing the visibility of women in AR/VR and how to attract more women to these fields.

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot


Ryan Pulliam, CO-Founder/CMO, Specular Theory

Nicole Lazzaro, President & CEO, XEODesign

Lindsay Boyajian, CMO, Augment

Ryan Lynch, Writer/Director/Producer, NativeVR

<a data-target="#myDiv5" data-toggle="collapse">Mobile Games into VR Games
What are the top tips of adapting mobile games into VR games rapidly and effectively? Our team of experts discuss in detail primarily focusing on key areas such as; eSports, location based games and multiplayer.

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot


Bill Mooney, Chief Product Officer, Skillz

Mark Morrison, Corporate Director, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, uSens Inc

Douglas Naimo, President, Triggerfinger Technologies

Eric Janszen, CEO & Co-Founder, VirZOOM

1.00pm Lunch
<a data-target="#myDiv10" data-toggle="collapse">The Evolution of Smart Glasses
Our panellists look at the future of smart glasses and discuss what is possible for both consumers and the enterprise with these new mobile computing platforms.

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot


Francesco Giartosio, Founder & CEO, GlassUp

Richard Kerris, CMO, Avegant

Dion Price, VP Business Development, WaveOptics

Ben McConnell, Director of Product Management, Recon Instruments

<a data-target="#myDiv9" data-toggle="collapse">Innovations in Location-Based Augmented Reality
How do you serve up location relevant content to a user’s mobile device in a non-intrusive, more engaging, experiential and efficient manner?

Andrew Couch and Robert Brown will discuss the technology behind location-based augmented reality, business use cases and the "AR Effect".


Andrew Couch, CEO, Candy Lab

Robert Brown, Co- Founder & CEO, Meridian AR

<a data-target="#myDiv12" data-toggle="collapse">The Evolution of AR, VR, Wearable Technology, and the Opportunities for the Future
This panel session will look at the ongoing development in AR/VR and the exciting opportunities available within Wearable Tech.

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot


Jon Mann, Design Director User Experience, Artefact

Thomas Neubert, CCO, Virtually Live

Dr. Sonya Kim, CEO & Founder, One Caring Team

Gary Glass, Director, Digital Strategy, Groove Jones

Closing Remarks: Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot
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