10-11 April 2018 
Santa Clara

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Breakout Room 3 Digital Healthcare

Product & User Applications, Healthcare, Performance Sports
Address & Welcome: Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech
The Future of Healthcare Provision
What will healthcare look like in the future and how will wearables provide a better healthcare for patients.

Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech


Ranndy Kellogg, President & CEO, Omron Healthcare

Charles Michael Yim, CEO, Breathometer

Maryam Ziaei, Co-Founder & CEO, iSono Health

Rahul Baxi, Co-Founder, SmartyPans Inc

In Body Sensors – Will they be the Future?
This session will look at the potential for in body sensors and the pros behind this such as life expectancy and GDP increasing and insurance and healthcare costs decreasing.

Ben Hwang, Chairman & CEO, Profusa

The Digital Healthcare Revolution
Healthcare Technology will be at the very heart of the new patient centric future for personal health and wellbeing, with existing healthcare systems having to radically change. This session will look at the latest devices and applications transforming the medical sector.

Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech


Frank McGillin, Senior Vice President and General Manager Consumer Health, NeuroMetrix

Mark Prince, VP Consumer Business, Withings

Christine Lemke, Co-Founder & President, Evidation Health

Manish Shah, CEO & Co-Founder, PeerWell

Fitness for Real: Measuring What Matters
This presentation asks and answers tough questions about the value of information offered by fitness and activity trackers. Smarter analytics capable of producing highly personalized health insights and adaptive training advice will be presented as a solution to the challenge of creating strong user connections and more informed health decisions.

Joni Kettunen, CEO & Co-Founder, FirstBeat Technologies

12.50pm Lunch
Healthcare Apps
As digital apps permeate our lives and with wearable tech adoption trending upward the number of healthcare apps are likely to explode. Our panel discuss the current options and future growth areas.

Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech


Heidi Dohse, Google Cloud Platform Program Manager, Google

Michelle Snyder, SVP & CMO, Welltok

Avner Halperin, CEO, EarlySense

Gilad Meiri, Founder & CEO, Neura

How Cloud Computing/IOT is Managing Data
Pervasive healthcare applications utilising body sensor networks generate a vast amount of data that needs to be managed and stored for processing and future use. This session looks at how cloud computing with IOT is managing this new trend for processing sensor data online.

Indranil Chakraborty, Product Manager, Google

Wearables in Healthcare 2.0 – New Opportunities
What are the innovations and ideas that will drive wearable technology adoption beyond 2020 in Healthcare? Our panellists look at how new technologies will power wearables into the next decade.

Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech


Ami Brannon, Co-Founder & CEO, NERVANA

Riaan Conradie, COO & Co-Founder, LifeQ

Dr Barrett Larson, CEO, Leaf Healthcare

Jen Ohlson, Founder, Interactive Health Technologies

Bob Bilbruck, CEO, B2 Group

Closing Remarks: Mike Feibus, Principal & President, FeibusTech
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