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What You Will Hear

Some of the leading companies and disruptive start-ups deliver their insight and opinions, and will debate on our Main Stage, located in the Keynote Theatre. Be clued-in to the future of wearable technology, the benefits of 'getting connected', and hear from industry leaders about how devices are being used to increase productivity on an individual and corporate level.

Who Should Attend

Delegates who want to increase their understanding of the current wearables landscape, and just what the future holds in this area. Attendees will include retailers, distributors, investors, start-ups, innovation managers and press.

Themes: Wearables Future of, Brands, Fitness Wearables, AR & VR, Innovations, Wearable Risk, Immersive Video, Security, Education, Botnets
How Hearables Are Going to Revolutionize Healthcare
Hearables are set to revolutionize the healthcare industry. With exciting new product innovations typically found in medical devices to new consumer engagement models,hearables will drive a new movement towards affordable and accessible healthcare. Find out about which healthcare segments are most threatened and deep dive into the disruption facing the hearing healthcare market.
Speaker: David Cannington, CMO, Nuheara
The Purpose of care co-ordination
Speaker - Minda Wilson, Founder & CEO, Fluidity Health
Detecting mental disorders and addiction risk with deep learning neural networks
Speaker: Ray Christian – CEO, Textpert
11:30am Networking Break
Connected Medicine for Healthier Patients
Use of a patient-centric platform with a mobile component can empower patients while facilitating real time connectivity with their physicians. Platforms and tools connecting doctors with their patients in near real time using automated algorithms can track patient health even when they are at home. What is the role of wearables and other remote patient monitoring, monitoring devices? What impact does telemedicine have on experience, care, communication, savings, and engagement? Learn about opportunities for innovation through strategic applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and technology. Presentation will include data showing change in hospitalizations, ER visits and improved compliance for 10,000+ patients.
Speaker: Dr Naveen Goel, CEO, HealthKOS
The Science of Sleep
Speaker: Juha Rytky, Night Train
1:00pm Lunch Break
Advanced Materials Improve Patient Compliance & Data
Gore has a long standing history of innovation in healthcare and wearable technology areas such as medical devices, fabrics and electronics. This presentation looks at the requirements for the next generation of digital health devices and discusses how advanced materials are solving fundamental challenges of patient compliance and clinically relevant data.
Speaker – Linda Elkins, Head of Innovation, Gore
Drivers of the Next Generation of Digital Medicine
On this session we will explore data driven applications that connect patients to clinicians, the rise of regulated digital medicine and the increasing focus on B2B and holistic care systems.
Speaker – Beth Rogozinski, CEO, Signal 2 Health
Remote Passive Monitoring: The Future of Clinical-Grade Wearables
Wearable devices by now should have transformed personal health. We’d wear wristbands, armbands or some other Internet of Things gadget that would give us the data we need to take better care of ourselves. A few years ago, analysts saidthat wearables could help save 25 percent of the $3 trillion the U.S. spendson health care, just by keeping us healthier and out of hospitals. What happened?
Speaker – Jonathan Palley, Spire
3:25pm Networking Break
Why the social robot is changing healthcare
Speaker - Dr Cory Kidd, CEO, Catalia Health
Lessons from today’s innovations. What will you create tomorrow?
Speaker – Gail Gannon, Ensante

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