Cisco join the connected car debate at WTS USA

WTS USA is delighted to announce that Mark Thomas, Global Head of Connected Car Product Marketing at Cisco, will be speaking at the show on the 5th October 2016.

As the leading connected car product marketing for Cisco, Mark says -

"I love cars. I love the Internet. The intersection of my two loves is my passion and career. Connected cars are becoming the next great consumer electronics device on wheels. The change will be as dramatic as the move from the flip phone to the smartphone. The connected car revolution is poised to transform our lives. Vehicle manufacturers are embracing the shared economy in anticipation of car ownership migrating to mobility as a service. Autonomous driving is coming too and will save lives by addressing and hopefully mitigating the 95% of accidents that are based on human error. Throughout these transformations, I'll be involved in defining and monetizing connected car breakthrough experiences. "

Hear from Mark and a host of other industry experts, including Toyota and Panasonic on the innovations in autonomous driving at 11.30am on the IOT Connect track.

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