MEDICAL INNOVATION Takes Centre Stage at WTS16

Medical innovation will take centre stage at next month's Wearable Technology Show, the largest wearables event in the world, with never before-seen devices and applications and a raft of industry-leading speakers.

York University spinout ClearSky Medical Diagnostics, for example, will unveil the LID-monitor, wearable technology that measures the side-effects of medication for Parkinson's disease; SPARTAN is a high-tech anti-radiation boxer brief allowing men to enjoy technology safely while protecting their fertility and Walk With Path is developing products to reduce the risk of falls and improve mobility.

Speaking at the conference are medical experts Charles Lowe, President, Telemedicine & eHealth Section, Royal Society of Medicine, Dr Thomas Keller, Senior Director Digital Trials, Glaxo Smith Kline and Jouni Heinonen from Enfucell.

The following innovations will be among those launching at the Wearable Technology Show on 15-16 March 2016 in London:
  • Biolight's Temp Sitter - a wireless smart thermometer system for children, which monitors their temperature every three seconds, 24/7 and can be synched to smartphones and Bluetooth for analysis.
  • Mio SLICE and PAI - the brand new SLICE activity tracker and its very own Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) index, which provides users with a target score that's proven to maximise lifespan and reduce risk of lifestyle-related diseases.
  • Xensio - the first "Lab-on-skin" wearable sensing platform to track biochemical information at the surface of the skin, providing unprecedented real-time information about our health and wellness, in a simple, non-invasive way.
  • Qloudlab - the innovative modular in-vitro blood diagnostic platform brings the clinic to the patient's home where patients are remotely connected to their doctor, empowering patients with chronic diseases.
  • MABLE - an mHealth solution for older adults under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce, stay safe, and learn critical health skills.
  • Leman Micro Devices has developed a smartphone based solution, which makes self-monitoring of personal vital signs, such as blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart & respiration rates, one-lead ECG and body temperature, as easy as checking email.
  • Hexoskin - in this new age of personal digital health information, people expect health data to be collected seamlessly and made accessible and useful. Hexoskin makes wearable sensors, mobile connectivity and new standards to make it easier than before to design elegant solutions.
  • Gait Up makes the world's most advanced wearable motion analysis products for sports and medicine. Pioneers of wearable inertial sensors, it has built a powerful set of motion algorithms and intellectual property in the fields of elderly fall prevention, orthopedics, veterinary medicine, running, swimming and alpine skiing.
  • Cupris Health has developed a communication platform and smartphone-connected medical devices which enables the remote diagnosis and management of patient conditions. Its first product is an otoscope for examining the ear and our second device is an Ophthalmoscope for retinal examinations.

The Healthcare and Digital Apps track is one of nine specialist educational streams at the Wearable Technology Show, featuring innovators using technology to reimagine the health sector.

Sessions include:
  • The Future of Healthcare Provision - panelists include Virtual Medics, 2020 Health, Qardio and Kinneir Dufort
  • Healthcare Apps - panelists include Telefonica Europe, Runtastic, NHS England and Qualcomm Life
  • Live Demo - Virtual Reality in healthcare, including a look at how haptic feedback can revolutionise medical simulation
  • How Wearables Are Disrupting Healthcare - panelists include iHealthLabs, 3G Doctor, Hexoskin and NHS Innovation Fellow
  • Benefiting from Wearables in Preventive Healthcare - Sami Toljamo, Bittium
  • Why Measuring Health and Wellness is Important - Manuel Heuer, COO, Dacadoo
  • Succeeding in the Future Healthcare Economy: What Will it Take?

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