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What You Will Hear

Some of the leading companies and disruptive start-ups deliver their insight and opinions, and will debate on our Main Stage, located in the Keynote Theatre. Be clued-in to the future of wearable technology, the benefits of 'getting connected', and hear from industry leaders about how devices are being used to increase productivity on an individual and corporate level.

Who Should Attend

Delegates who want to increase their understanding of the current wearables landscape, and just what the future holds in this area. Attendees will include retailers, distributors, investors, start-ups, developers, innovation managers and press.

Themes: Wearables Future of, Brands, Fitness Wearables, AR & VR, Innovations, Wearable Risk, Immersive Video, Security, Education, Botnets
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Opening Keynote: Here to Stay
Panel Discussion: The World-Wide Wearable
An exploration of the turbulent wearables landscape. Who is (and isn't) investing in wearable technology? And who is leading the game? Our panellists discuss.
Ready-to-Wear, Meet Ready-to-Charge: Considerations for Adding Wireless Charging to Wearables
Wireless charging of consumer devices is happening. It's accelerating rapidly in the mobile phone segment, and now some progressive wearable manufacturers are incorporating designs for wireless charging in their products -- creating an opportunity for category differentiation and premium pricing.

Effective implementation of wireless charging in wearables requires innovative technologies as well as systems design expertise (ideally at the beginning of the product development cycle.)

Jacob Babcock, CEO of NuCurrent, will deliver a not-so-technical talk on the important considerations manufacturers should take when adding wireless charging to their product road-maps.

Jacob Babcock, CEO, NuCurrent

Keynote: Smart Textiles 4.0
10:55am Break
Keynote Panel: Where Are Wearables Headed?
Our panel share examples of the evolution and disruption in their products, and what emerging technologies are being used currently to disrupt present designs, functions and business models. Discussing topics such as:
  • How will the future be an evolution of the present?
  • How will products be incrementally developed?
  • What will be nothing like what we have had so far?
  • Where is further R&D required?
Panel: Enhanced Living - Technology Enriching Lives
In what ways is technology being further developed as a tool for assisting consumers in living optimally? From hearables, to smart-tattoos, to health trackers and regulators: let's talk purposeful technology, and real relationships formed between consumer & brand.
12:05pm Lunch
Fireside Chat: Unlocking Brand Opportunities
An exclusive in-depth conversation about the emerging relationships between consumers and technology from a leading name in the Wearables market.
Keynote Panel: Smart Citizens & the Smart City
The challenges of staying relevant vs. keeping up with an ever-changing market. How can SMEs ensure that the tech they are adopting is worth the investment?
Case Studies: The Workplace Wearable
Three industry experts share how their products are making waves in enterprise. Wearable hardware technology, fitness trackers and smart glasses.
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3.00pm Break
The Augmented Human: Life 2.0
This futuristic moon-shot address will broach the subject of human enhancement: what do the emerging technologies in the realm of Augmenting the individual?
Closing Keynote: The Future of Wearables
A thought-leader from one of the world's leading technology companies discusses where this industry is heading.
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